Im sitting in my schools computer lab waiting for my cisco class to start. I look to the right and what do I see? 4 Red Hat boxes!!

So of course I wanna hop off my Win2k box and get on that redhat box, so i ask the lab assistant, " whats the login name / pass?" He says I need to be in the Unix class to have a login/pass

So i hop on google and look up password recovery, I dont remember exactly what I searched for, but a page came up that said how to recover red-hat root pass. I booted it up, chose text mode, and typed " linux 1 " and up came a root prompt and I entered "passwd haha" and then somethign like "initlevel 5" and up it started and logged in under root/haha!!

Is this just an insecure box, or can you always do that to a local linux box? And what exactly was it I typed in, I forgot and cant find that damn page on google anymore.