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Thread: SMTP probs

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    SMTP probs

    Ok, now I'm having probs sending out of Kmail. Seems to be a firewall prob, but for some reason I can't disable it. I really don't want to disable it, but I have no clue how to find out what IP to dedicate to 'sending' mail. This is on RH 7.2 . I tried disabling the FW via 'setup', but every time it keeps defaulting back to 'High' security. I can tell it's not off, because I still can't recieve files from DCC. Any ideas? Also, I can send through Mozilla mail with no probs. It has a port set to 995, but I tried that in Kmail, and nothing good happened. This is driving me crazy!

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    Re: SMTP probs

    I use /usr/sbin/sendmail as my outgoing mail option in KMail. You will need to setup your computer with a DNS name (I used to do this. I've not played with incoming mail yet.

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    Re: SMTP probs

    Ok, found the problem. :P KDE 2.2.2's Kmail doesn't support 'SMTP auth' which is what that ISP was needing. I just switched my SMTP ISP, and all is good.

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