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Thread: htpasswd not found

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    htpasswd not found

    I was trying to setup a secure area on my server, and going by one of my books, it said to run this program with a few little arguments to setup an encrypted password file. My only problem seems to be that I dont have that program. I compiled my apache from source, dont know if I missed something or what? Is this available in an rpm or is there another way to do this? ???

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    Re: htpasswd not found

    Well, what is the program called, and how does it ask you to execute it (including parameters) ?

    Need more info dude!

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    Re: htpasswd not found

    htpasswd is the program. Its supposed to come with apache. No big deal now. I am just gonna go with a database type authentication.

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    Re: htpasswd not found

    hmm .. you could look in the source dir of apache maybe it just wasnt installed

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    Re: htpasswd not found

    Thats the strange part. I did look in the source directory for apache. Not there either. ??? wierd.

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    Re: htpasswd not found

    strange :-/

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