My computer is set to Dual Boot Windows XP Pro and Mandrake Linux 9.1. When I boot into Linux I cannot get on to the internet. I have a Cable modem proviced by Optimum online (cablevison) which is connected to a D-Link Wireless B router. This computer is connected via RJ-45 THROUGH the wireless router, however and not using the wireless connection. When I log into Linux I cannot browse the internet, and when I go to configuration panel to connnect to the internet it tests the connection, says connecting to internet, then connection complete, but ends with Not Connected. I've attemped playing around with the IP settings etc, but cannot make it work. My network card is a VIA onboard the motherboard. Linux has a VIA driver, but I'm not convinced its the exact driver. Could it be the driver, or is it a setting in the configuration. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. My email is