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Thread: Problems with NFS

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    Problems with NFS

    So I'm attempting to setup an NFS share with all my mp3's on it. Simple right? wrong!

    From what I can gather I have the server setup right, FROM the server I can mount the nfs share to another directory, using the nfs mount options and it works just fine.

    From the client on the other hand.... when I try to mount, I get an mount : rpc timeout

    yet I can do rpcinfo -p <servername> and I get all the correct information back..... help!?!?!

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    Re: Problems with NFS

    Check out this how-to it's great! i got nfs working in minutes with it.

    7.2.File requests hang or timeout waiting for access to the file.

    This usually means that the client is unable to communicate with the server.
    See Symptom 3 letter b.

    Make sure the /etc/exports file is set up right

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    Re: Problems with NFS

    It IS all set up right. I can mount it via NFS FROM the server.

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    Re: Problems with NFS

    I had problems with NFS ever since the 2.4 kernel came out. I use Samba for everything now and it works great for 'nix to 'nix and 'nix to Windows.

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