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Thread: @home cable isp with linksys router

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    @home cable isp with linksys router

    Ok heres the problem rogers is changing all that shit because of excite going under or whatever happened. Anywho now our email addresses change from to As well as dns numbers etc. So I need the full hostnames for my email accounts. But I got them before by having the modem connected directly to only my computer then I would do ping -a mail and get the full hostnames. When behind the router I must use full hostnames for the email. Basically all I need to know is how to setup my cable again. I through out the rogers@home setup disk. I just need to know the settings. I believe it was http://proxy:8080 in autoconfig script in ie or something and then setting my workgroup to @home? Does anyone know? I'm only doing this is windows because I remember what a pain in the ass it was to get cable going in linux until I got my router.

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    Re: @home cable isp with linksys router

    I also have rogers and was required to change my email addresses domain name from to

    Besides that none of my newly converted accounts are working while using, the old still works for me.

    Changing your email address should be all that is needed. The dns servers etc. are not changing.

    When I ping mail, I still get the old

    Check (or whatever it is) and you'll see it only involves changing email.

    Forgot to mention that I also have a Linksys router and I didn't have to change any of the settings.

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    Re: @home cable isp with linksys router

    You should only need to set up the following

    1) DHCP or full IP
    2) DNS if not auto - assigned
    3) Gateway if neccessary
    4) Mail addresses for each account that is to be used through that box.

    With my RoadRunner connection, just setup dhcp and all of the DNS and gateway info is pulled in. Since I am using a router that is all put in to that, and wach PC uses dhcp to grab from the router then.

    If you are on dhcp, a ifdown -eth0 and a ifup -eth0 may resolve the issue. You should then grab a new ip and dns data.

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    Re: @home cable isp with linksys router

    Question since you all have a linksys router in the loop. Did you assign static IP's to your box(s) and just let the router do the negotiation for a dynamic?

    Awhile ago I asked here and that was what was recommended to me.

    Configuration looks like this
    dsl to router (dynamic IP)
    router to linux
    router to winblows
    No dhcp
    Ports open for game use.

    Just thought I would pass that along.

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    Re: @home cable isp with linksys router

    Check this one. This should help you out. If you still have problems, list your modem model and what did you do and what you wanted to do.


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