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    Postfix help

    I recently purchased a domain name and have it all set to point to my box and all that. ( wanted the domain name to use my box as a mailserver for me and a few friends mostly.
    Anwyays, I got Postfix working...somewhat. My personal user name has no problem receiving email or sending it. Anyone else has usually been able to receive (sometimes it errors out) but never have been able to send out thru me (using They get an error about relay access being denied when trying to send. Sometimes the receiving part works, and sometimes it gives a "unexpected connection problem" (most of the other accounts are users using windows).

    I connect to the net thru a router, and have port 25, and 110 forwarded to my box. I assume its an option in Postfix that is the problem, I just dont know where to start looking. Im totally new to this mailserver stuff as well. Any help would be great.

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    Re: Postfix help

    Ok, I have figured it out somewhat. I made a file called mynetworks and included this line: <--- my friends IP <--- friends and my domain ( I think at least that is what it would be, as in my IP is something like

    My question now is, which one of those lines is what needs to be there? I mean can I just manually add exact IPs for each person that wants to use my mail server?? Do I need the line??

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    Re: Postfix help

    OK, also by reading thru some posts on this forum I have seen people refer to using web-based mail. Would this allow people to just login and view their mail thru a site, like how hotmail or something works? That would be really cool, could they even create an email account that way??? And would people be able to send thru their accounts then?

    Man, all this serving stuff is fun to learn, thanks for you guys' help!....Now if I could just get my samba working.....

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