I have read a few posts about samba in here already, and my setup seems to be just like what people suggest to do. I created a user on my Win2k Box named rick420 with the same pass as the user rick420 on my linux box. (I am logged in as rick420 on both all the time) I set it to user level security and encrypted passwords.

In Win2k Network Neighborhood I can see the linux box (high-on-linux) but when I try to access it, it asks for a username/pass. If I click cancel I can see the shares I created on the linux box, but cannot access them. Win2k just gives me the error : cannot find network path \\high-on-linux\Downloads.

From the Linux box, I really dont know how to even try to access the Win2k box. How do I do that by the way???

What am I doing wrong???