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Thread: NTP sevrer?

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    NTP sevrer?

    I want to have an NTP server running on LInux (I want to configure it to be secondary time source to Cisco router), is it possible? If so then what should I do ? Any docs on how to configure that?

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    Re: NTP sevrer?

    You can get an NTPd for linux, source/RPM etc.

    this may or may not help:

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    Re: NTP sevrer?

    Any known issues with NTPd? I want to use for enterprise network, so I think you can understand my concern...

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    Re: NTP sevrer?

    The Cisco router (primary time source) uses MD5 to encrypt the time traffic (that's what I've been told). Will NTPd on LInux accept and correctly interpret MD5? Should I install something to support MD5 on Linux?


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