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Thread: oracle and perl/php

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    oracle and perl/php

    Im trying to access a oracle database that runs on a HP/UX server from my Linux server (which doesnt have Oracle). The Docs Ive read inform me that I need sqlnet in order to get this going, but I cant find sqlnet anywhere.....


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    Re: oracle and perl/php

    dont know if that helps cause im not into oracle or sql stuff just found this :

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    Re: oracle and perl/php

    ....but I cant find sqlnet anywhere.....
    That's most understandable, sqlnet has been renamed for years, and itís now known as Net8.

    With Oracle8i and later you have an option to install the client software, do that on your linux box. Run to generate your tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files. Use local naming (tnsnames.ora), pick a service name, pick your protocol (TCP/IP), enter the host name and port number for the server, and enter the SID of the database your going to connect to.

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