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Thread: Remote X tunneled over SSH

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    Remote X tunneled over SSH

    I got a few boxes connecting to one of my boxes (henceforth X server) for remote X over SSH. I would prefer to give each one its own dedicated screen, not the next available one for simplicity issues on the stupid user. How many X servers can be running on oh, a 500MHZ box, 256MB (may be upgradeable to 384, dont remember if there are enuf slots)? I dont want to go apeshit overkill and balloon its load to satanic levels.

    Anybody with some hints -- pleasssssse chime in!

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    Re: Remote X tunneled over SSH

    The X server, and therefore screen, runs on the local machine, not the remote one. It should be as easy as starting a X server on the machine you are sitting at, sshing into the remote box, exporting DISPLAY back to your local machines IP, and starting KDE or whatever you like.

    Here's how I do it on a Win2k machine:

    Get XWin32 from - its free for 2 hr connections. Install it, and in the security tab add your remote linux box. Get putty too.

    Start XWin32, start putty, and ssh into remote machine (linuxbox). After you login, do

    export DISPLAY=Win2kBox:0

    And then you are set.

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    Re: Remote X tunneled over SSH

    To tunnel it over ssh (say you have a firewall stopping normal unencrypted x connections), youd have to type

    "ssh -X"

    And that's it. No export DISPLAY or anything as far as I can tell.

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    Re: Remote X tunneled over SSH

    Of course, there is always more than one way to skin a cat...

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    Re: Remote X tunneled over SSH

    OK I got xwin32 how do I set it up?
    I'm Running Debian

    Never mind got it working..

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