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Thread: slooooooow FTP

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    slooooooow FTP

    I'l getting upload speeds of a whopping 11k over a LAN to ProFTP. It seems to me that it should be a little faster.

    There is other stuff going on on the box that's running ProFTP, namely apache and bind, nothing that would serve to choke the bandwidth like that.

    I happened to have a packet capture session going on when I dicovered the 11k problem, the network wasn't busy by any standards, and there didn't seem to be any prob between the two boxes.

    Am I missing somthing obvious with ProFTPd? like an upload throtle or something? Should I just blame the M$ box that was doing the upload ;D?

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    Re: slooooooow FTP

    Blame it on teh MS box. MS's TCP/IP stack is horrid, especially if it's pre-2k. From 2k on, they started using more and more BSD code for their TCP?IP stack, but I"ve timed transfers from one box that dual boots, linux and windows. The file transfer from linux is usually 2x as fast as from windows.

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    Re: slooooooow FTP

    I've no idea what was going on, I could ftp with ease from one NT box, another NT was slow as hell, a 2k box was the slow one I was refering to but half way through the day it started getting much speedier. There was no change in network conditions.

    Must have been gremlins.

    It's working better now, so my boss is happy, which was the aim.


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