Ok, all you server gurus out there, tell me: *can I set up a small network with a windows box connected to a linux server that connects to the internet via a dial-up modem? *I am trying to figure this out but can't find any info on it at linux.org (it was a quick look, I will be doing a google search later). *Has anyone tried to do this? *How successful were you? *Is it worth my time and effort?

To clarify a little bit, here is what I want to do: I want my linux server (which I plan to build in a few months) to access the internet via dial-up external modem. I want to have my windows box set up so that if my wife presses the ie icon, it will send a command to the linux server that will start up the dial-up process and connect to the internet. All of this in a very transparent fashion.

Thank you for your patience with my decidedly newbie question!