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Thread: HELP! CD-ROM drive whacked.

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    HELP! CD-ROM drive whacked.

    A buddy of mine loaned me a music CD that hac some cuts I wanted in my collection. He told me that 2 cuts were defective (wouldn't play), so I avoided them when I tried to record a copy. I used my Windows CD burning software (NTI CD-Creator, I think). Well, anyway, I left the room while the recording was going on, and when I came back, I had an error message(surprize, surprize). I stopped everything, and went to work, thinking I could try again later. NOPE!! Now my CD-ROM drive spins and the LED flashes, but I get an error message that says that the drive is not ready. While this isn't a major problem (I have a spare drive), if I install my spare, is this going to screw up my Linux install? In linux, this drive is SCD0, my burner is SCD1, because I installed a new kernel a while back, and enabled SCSI support so I could configure my burner and burn CD's in Linux (I never finished configuring things, though).
    Any ideas? I'm using Libranet 1.9.0 w/ a 2.4.12 kernel.

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    Re: HELP! CD-ROM drive whacked.

    It wont cause any problems swapping the around as long as the jumper settings are the same..

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    Re: HELP! CD-ROM drive whacked.

    COOL!!! Thanks- I mailed a nice big pair o' boobies out to you. They should be there in a couple of days- ENJOY!!! (P.S.- lemme know if they don't arrive)

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