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Thread: Samba Server

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    Re: Samba Server

    Change this line
     * encrypt passwords = yes
      encrypt passwords = no
    if you are only working with Win98.

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    Re: Samba Server

    Wow, check out the PET's on Samba.

    I wrote one of them for Win 98/ME, to use with
    NT or other Win OS's, changing the security to
    "user" ought to get you going.

    You will need users for all the machines on all
    the machines _and_ valid passwords for the
    smb.conf file. For file-sharing on the Linux
    boxes, you'll also have to set the GID permissions
    so the "group" owns the file/directory.

    Really, it is pretty easy!

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    Re: Samba Server

    Samba is working more or less

    I can see the folders I want to see with Linneighborhood and Network Neighborhoos

    I am now trying to configure the printing. The printer is on the Win 98 machine that I that I setup Samba to work with above for file sharing.

    I can go into webmin and under Hardware > printer administrator > add a remote windows server printer with the ip of the windows machine. I get no errors when I save it in webmin

    I go to the linux computer and I can see the printer there and when i click print in the program no errors occurr, it just does not print.

    I go back to webmin and try to print a test page and I get an error
    Printing test page with command lpr -Php ..
    Status Information:
     sending job 'root@localhost+381' to hp@localhost
     connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1
     cannot open connection to localhost - Connection timed out
    Make sure LPD server is running on the server
    .. command failed!
    but lpd is running

    [root@localhost src]# service lpd status
    lpd (pid 8296) is running...
    How can I setup my HP 1200 on my win 98 computer to print from the linux computer

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