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    I have some boxes behind a firewll/proxy and am trying to allow the boxes behind access to irc, AIM, Jabber, network games, etc... Anyone know how to do this painlessly? *:P

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    Re: Squid

    OK, is the real question this: "My school has a damn proxy, so I can't IRC, AIM, MSN, ssh etc. How can I bypass it?" ;D

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    Re: Squid

    lol no thought that happened to me once :-P. I have squid running on a box at my parents so they can have more than one computer online off the same cable modem withougt paying for extra IP's and they all like to do diffrent stuff (AIM, IRC, real player, etc...).

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    Re: Squid

    Argh! They are driving me nuts with questions!

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