I have a small file server to share the mp3s for my 5 computer lan. I have a main music directory for my mp3s and theres another directory for my dads mp3s he downloads. Both are in /home/daniel. I made both users daniel(me) and rob(my dad) then I made a group mp3. I have no problem accessing my mp3s when my computer is in linux or xp, but the problems start on my dads win 98 computer.When I go to access alfred(the file server) it trys to access //ALFRED/$IPC and asks for password. So I tried //alfred/Music and //alfred/Rob which are the directories that this computer is supposed to have access to. I also tried different cases when trying to access //alfred. I've read how tos and that helped me in getting samba working for my computer but the only problems I have are with the multiple users. I can post my smb.conf if it will help.