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Thread: Red Hat running Apache

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    Red Hat running Apache

    My company wants to try and host our own sites. We have about 20 diff web sites for each lab of ours right now. I am wondering if anyone has any good books or links on how to do this the correct way.What type of server we will need(Size), antother T or not? Also we are looking into some type of client where we can update pages on the server from an HTTP interface. Any info is greatly appr. Thanx

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    Re: Red Hat running Apache

    Dude, I so want your job! I love doing that kind of stuff.

    As far as RedHat, good choice.. Stable, easy to keep updated, and tons of support.

    A some what beefy redhat box could handle all those servers, just using virtual servers and what not, no biggy there.

    But I don't know of a way to upload through http....

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    Re: Red Hat running Apache

    KP , if you knew what I was getting payed you wouldnt want my job believe me. :'(
    Have you , or anyone, heard of Page Publisher? I am thinking about using it for the Admin tool to update the html pages.Seems good

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    Re: Red Hat running Apache

    Hehe, I just love working with servers.. Guess it's a good thing I'm a Unix SA then (;

    Never heard of it.... frankly, you could use any publishing software you want, that has the ability to submit via ftp.... (except for the evil frontpage)

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    Re: Red Hat running Apache

    Hey datamike,
    I remember seeing some Perl scripts that would allow updating web pages via http. Go to and click on Perl Scripts. There are a number of categories there but I can't remember which one contains the http stuff.

    Hope this helps...

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    Re: Red Hat running Apache

    Thanx everyone for the info. It has helped a s**t load.

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