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Thread: client for win?

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    client for win?

    Let's say I want to use Linux box as a file server. Are there any clients available for Windoze boxes to connect to Linux sevrer, mount fs and run soem scripts?

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    Re: client for win?

    Well, there are quite a few NFS clients for windows... That would work for file sharing... or you can install samba on the linux server, so you can access the shares from teh win box natively.

    As far as 'scripts' what exactly do you mean by that? can't you just ssh in and run them?

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    Re: client for win?

    We're a Novell shop so installing samba on LInux won't doo any good, right?
    What I'm looking for is basically some client software on windoze that can mount NFS running on LInux.....

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    Re: client for win?

    Now that I think about it, I've seen support for netware shares in the kernel config.. now, how to use them is beyond me... but I did see them.

    Are you looking for free apps or are you willing to buy licenses?

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    Re: client for win?

    Nope, only free software, I have to show to my boss that we can use it as a I think only about free sowtware.

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    Re: client for win?

    Hrmm, bummer.. I've not seen any free win32 apps to use NFS... if you find one, lemme know!

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