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Thread: How much can a T handle

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    How much can a T handle

    We have a T1 line and around 20 people use it everyday for internet access. I was wondering if I host a web server with about 10 virtual sites on it(each site is not viewd that many times a day)would I need to get another T or could I use the same one without a lot of lag.

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    Re: How much can a T handle

    A T1 i s1.5Mb up and down stream. If you require more bandwidth, then yes you would need another or could switch to a T3. More importantly, why would you be hosting sites on a T1? Wouldnt DSL be cheaper? Here in the Midwest USA, we pay like $1500 for a full T1. A quarter T1 is still $600. A T3 was going for $3000 to $4000. DSL may be cheaper than a T1, sacrificing the speed of repair service. Here in the Ameritech region, Ameritech will take a T at priority (hence the ridiculous cost.) The most I saw for 1.5 up and down SDSL was $500 and that was for like 5 IP's

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    Re: How much can a T handle

    It all depends.

    My former company used to have about 300 users with T1 back in 1994 ( and that time, most of web traffic is text rather than today's multimedia contents ) and a web site and FTP site for a PC company. There were no problems there.

    So if your users do not listen to radio or stream music and MPEGs over the web and your site are not high traffic sites, you should be fine with T1.

    I would agree with Schotty on getting sDSL with 1.5 Mbps but the key word here is "if available". If it's, then it's a lot cheaper than getting T1 and most business DSL providers are pretty good at it to maintain. But one more things to consider going sDSL vs T1 is that T1 usually connect you right to the backbone of your ISP but DSL providers tend to connect you to their network so there are some bottle necks there. Most businesses are not stupid. They don't want to pay more money than we are but unless they are getting something out of their investment with T1, I doubt they will keep paying for it. And also T1 providers are more willing and quickly to solve your problem than DSL providers which still need to rely on local Telcos for their layer 2 infrasturcture.

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