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Thread: Mail Server Help

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    Re: Mail Server Help

    /me fails to see how installing postfix, just to wrap sendmail is a valid solution. Why not just use the damned sendmail binary, instead of sending him on a goose chace with sendmail?
    /me fails to see how you failed to see my 2nd and 3rd posts on this thread.

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    Re: Mail Server Help


    Those posts werent there when I made my post.... thats really fucking odd..

    It was your postfix suggestion, then jeepsta's thanking you... then mine....

    how the fuck did you get those 2 posts up there?!!?!

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    Re: Mail Server Help

    Beats me, dude. I just posted them normally and then Jeepsta thanked me for them. You ought to give Ralnix his bong back

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    Re: Mail Server Help


    Can someone explain something to me

    I am currently attempting to install Courier - MTA as a MAil Server to go along with my domain on a RH 7.2 server install computer, I was wondering why this poster only needs this program for his server and not a full Mail Server

    What is the distinction between what he is doing and what I am trying to do

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    Re: Mail Server Help

    Well, lets just say "Courier - MTA" is a complete package of mail service daemons. It consists of acutal mail server, mail delivery agent, POP ( and IMAP ) server for someone to access your service and Webmail package. It's the whole complete package just like an office suite has document, spreadsheet and presentation software packages.

    What he wants to do is to be able to send mail only from his box to somewhere else ( from PHP functions ) without require him to be actually log on to read mails.

    Here is the basic brake down of mail functions.

    • Someone send you mail.
    • Your box received it. ( Need MTA or mail transfer agent ).
    • This in-between software can do multiple mail box access and put it in one box with separate folders.
    • Then you can read mail on the box while you logged in.
    • If you want to read mail from your box other than that server, you need different kind of software to run. ( POP or IMAP server )
    • If you want someone to be able to read and send mail, you need another software to run.

    So what he wants is only the first. NOT the second and the third. If you have Courier - MTA, you got ALL of them...


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