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Thread: PPPoE + RH 7.2

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    PPPoE + RH 7.2

    Well I was setting up dsl tonight, and I was reading the howto on connecting...

    The PPPoE software I'm using is from

    I got the package built ok (actually had problems building so said F it and did the RPM and worked fine lol)

    However in the following statement it says something that confuses me

    DO NOT assign an IP address to the Ethernet card. DO NOT configure the card to come up at boot time.
    But I'm on an internal lan, that goes through a switch that expects my subnet.

    But if I do it this way, they're expecting me to go straight to the modem which I am not

    With winders, it simply creates an "adapter" for PPP and then the actual adapter for the network.

    I have wlan0 setup as my net connection and I can ping the switch just fine, so I can know I can talk to the world given a chance!!

    So What am I supposed to do!?

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    Re: PPPoE + RH 7.2

    Are you connecting the pc to the router, or the DSL connection first? At work here, the Lucent router handled all that for me. AMERIVOICE1 (or proxy, exchange and firewall) just needed to jack into the thing. Inside the router, the port and IP forwards were setup. Really nothing special.

    The reason I ask is the part about the lan. Now, if this is going to act like a proxy, then 2 NICs can be used nd the DSL one can be delayed from loading up till after the boot process (for the different adapter module). The second NIC can then be connected to the LAN thru your hub/switch.

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    Re: PPPoE + RH 7.2

    nah, its just for my use.

    I connect to a wireless access point (the switch) and from there the WAP goes to a hub, that also connects the dsl modem.

    Unfortunately I dont have a router that does this so the dialup is still required.

    So I have one NIC (the wireless card wlan0)

    wlan0 - - - WAP ----hub----dsl modem

    I need the hub, so my roommate (that has a ethernet nic) can connect to the lan.

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