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Thread: Tunnel X through Windows

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    Tunnel X through Windows

    Hi, I have been posting lots of questions about setting up my server here as you can allready tell

    MyRH 7.2 computer doesnt even have a monitor and everything I have instlled, configured, adminid has been through SSH on my win 98 SE computer across the LAN

    Sometimes when I run a command on SSH on the WIN 98 SE computer I get an X error, something about gtk error, so I was wondering if there is a way to counter this


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    Re: Tunnel X through Windows

    Not really...

    Since you are using SSH in command mode, all you can do is "well" commands. If you provoke commands that use X server ( such as the command to start the program in X ), then it will give you an error...

    Or at least that's what I know of it....

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    Re: Tunnel X through Windows

    X can be tunneled through ssh, but it requires an X server on the other side. There *are* X servers for win32, but usually they cost $$.

    anywho, it can be done though.

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    Re: Tunnel X through Windows

    Post again if this doesn't fix you up.

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    Re: Tunnel X through Windows

    grab cygwin32 . It is a unix like environment for windows. Basically, since it can use XFree864.1, you can use that to run all of the unix apps. I tried it and it works well.

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