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Thread: IDE controllers

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    IDE controllers

    I've got a Promise technology Ultra 100tx2 IDE controller. Which distributions/versions of Linux will support it?


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    Re: IDE controllers

    Redhat should

    Any distro with a recent 2.4.x kernel should too.

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    Re: IDE controllers

    redhat supported it out of the box for rh 7.1 and rh 7.2, it was prety easy to ste up with debain too.

    edit: that is for the promise 20265 controller - whcih is a UDMA controntroler.

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    Re: IDE controllers

    Debian support for ATA100 is a bitch. It required you to boot off of separate ISO CD, which is not part of Debian 5 CD set. I would say if you are just looking for easy set up of any
    Linux distro that support ATA100, then I would say go for Red Hat which support out of the box and it required you to have only two CDs.

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    Re: IDE controllers

    slackware supports it, best choise go with the distro you know best and compile the kernel

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    Re: IDE controllers

    Pssst... I wrote a PET for that guys...

    Go read that one and you'll be set of life !

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    Re: IDE controllers

    Thank you all, very much.

    What about mandrake 8.1?

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