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Thread: manage 2nd nic

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    manage 2nd nic

    Is there any way to manage 2nd nic using CLI?
    netconfig and linuxconf show the generic window and go figure which interface out of 2 is configured...
    If you go startx then you can actually see 2 nics in the gui window and you can mange them separately, the question is how can I do that using CLI?

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    Re: manage 2nd nic

    hmm on the cli you can configure your nics with ifconfig, just do a man ifconfig and it will list the possibilities ..

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    Re: manage 2nd nic

    make sense....I just wonder if there is something besides linuxconf and netconfig that can do that, some utility...

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    Re: manage 2nd nic

    I don't know what you mean by the utility but.....

    you can manage second NIC the same way you manage your first NIC as long as you gave the option with eth1 rather than eth0. If there is no options given, then the kernel assume it's for the first NIC.

    For example, if you assign the IP with ifconfig, you issue "ifconfig eth0 <your.ip>". If it's for second NIC, then you do "ifconfig eth1 <your.ip" taking the fact that the NIC module for your second NIC is loaded and working properly.


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    Re: manage 2nd nic

    thanks folks.

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