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Thread: Tomcat and JDK

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    Tomcat and JDK

    I'm installing NFuse for Citrix on Apache on Rh7.2
    In the Web server requirements they say:
    THat the following must be used:
    Webserver: apache 1.3.20
    Servlet engine: JServ/GNU JSP or TomCat 3.2.2
    JDK: Sun1.3.1

    1. If anyone has experience with installation of NFuse on apache .... will it work with the latest versions of apache, tomcat, and JDK, or should I stick to the versions they ask me to use.
    2. That's a stupid one ;-) - Isn't it enough to install tomcat only, or should install both of them - tomcat and JDK

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    I don't know anything about NFuse, but I just installed tomcat and it does require JDK and you have to install it first.

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    : Here comes another stupid question:
    Just visited and can't figure out what is the difference between jdk and sdk, is there any?

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    JDK is just the name of previous versions. Starting with 2.0 it's called SDK. That's all.

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    I'm running NFuse on Apache_1.3.22/RH7.2 right now. Works like a dream. My suggestion however is to use Apache JServ and servlets, not GNU JSP, and to follow the Citrix white pages as closely as possible. I tried both installs and JSP was a bitch and never ran right. I know little about Tomcat, so I can give no advice on that one. JServ has been running rock solid for me for a few months now. Beware, however, much of the sample NFuse pages are written in JSP. So if you install JServ and try the sample NFuse site, much of it will fail. *

    Try this link:

    The above white page will get you through everything fine. The official NFuse documentation that comes with the Citrix media will get you absolutely nowhere in terms of a Linux/Unix installation. Beware however, in the above white page there is a type-o in the classpath setting for the for the root user. It reads:

    Your CLASSPATH should read: CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/usr/local/jserv/citrix:/usr/local/jserv/citrix/nfuse/jar:/usr/local/jserv/citrix/...etc...
    It really should be:

    Your CLASSPATH should read: CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/usr/local/jserv/citrix:/usr/local/jserv/citrix/nfuse.jar:/usr/local/jserv/citrix/...etc...
    That one screwed me up for about a day.

    Some more advice: compile everything from source. Don't RPM anything.

    As for, JDK, SDK, and JSDK: all the acronyms confused the heck out of me when I went to sun too. The JSDK is a bitch to find on sun's site so you will have to poke around some.

    Everything should work with the most recent versions, but I would check all documentation and try to follow the Citrix guidelines as closely as possible.

    If you need any more help, post again or PM me. I just did this install this winter (actually I did it a few times before I got it right), so much of it is still fresh in my mind.

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    Some more advice: compile everything from source. Don't RPM anything.
    I don't really like rpms, maybe it's my lack of knowledge with rpms, but I think that source installs give you much more control over the way packet is installed.
    As to the rest I'll try it tomorrow.
    BTW - I plan to use PC-class machine (HP vectra) with 128Mb for 200 users, my understanding is that NFuse simply redirects requests to citgrix servers, so it doesn't do much of the job and pc-class machine will be O.K, what do you htink?
    And ah....just in case...will the whole thing work on https connection?

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    HTTPS, is not a bad idea. If your webserver and Citrix server/farm are on the same network (not traversing an untrusted link) you proabably won't need to enable SSL Relay, but using HTTPS for user login is always good. Also, enable ticketing and require a high encryption level for the connection and you should have a pretty secure installation.

    As for your NFuse box ebing a PC, you should be fine as long as the box can handle the 200 web users. Initial client download/installs will eat up some resources, but probably not that much. All NFuse is is a web-based Program Neighborhood. All processing is run via the ica-webclient on the users box and your Citrix farm. As far as I know, your webserver only creates a dynamic page based upon a user's PN settings and then initializes the connection.

    Let me know how everything goes.

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    I'll let you know later, it'll take 1 day at least to install it and test it.
    As to the https - I plan this machine to have a local address NATed to public, that's why I'm worried a bit about secure connections.
    Thanks for the advise.

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    Spent all day configuring the damn thing:
    When I go to the browser and issue I receive the following error:

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, root@nfuse and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    - Incrested timeout in jserv.conf for ApJservVMTomeout from 10 to 60 - it didn't help....
    Cannot move any firther untill I resolve this....

    P.S> That's what I used:
    RH7.2, apache-1.3.23,
    Apache Jserv 1.2

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    Re: Tomcat and JDK

    It looks like I've overcomed the first obstacle - Jserv is working now, I had to use the latest j2sdk-1.3.1_02.
    Others won't work on linux.
    I'll try to run Nfuse install today and I'llpost the results.

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