I part of a small computer consultants company, the sole linux head .. We have a client that wants us to build a Web Site maintain it, and built the Database infrastructure, maintain that as well (its an online school), and we are thinking of offering hosting and what not .. they are open-minded microsofties, meaning if I can put something good together they will go for it ..
Well I'm not a linux newbie, but I am a newbie to mySQL and php which is what i'd like to use .. We really have until june until we have to put anything together live for the client, and they will work on their ms solution, while I work on this (basically my own version, that is basically all open source based, apache on linux, firewall on openbsd ..)
My question is how much of a learning curve am I looking at, at mySQL and php, I can do some c/c++, an intermediate beginner at coding i guess you could say. What are some of the better resources etc .. and if anyone has suggestions on what I should do, i'd appreciate it ..

Also, what are some good web-development tools, I'm not talkin bout a Frontpage for linux (shivers), well I think you get the idea .. well thanks in advance ..