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Thread: proftpd and apache

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    proftpd and apache

    My html directory for apache is /var/www/html. I want to get a proftpd account that will let me login to /var/www/html. I was trying this awhile ago and never managed to get it working. I've tried many things like the user apache and a new user sharing the same home directory and lots of other failures. I was wondering what the best way to set this up would be.

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    Re: proftpd and apache

    What do you mean by proftpd account?? You mean a normal user account that you will use via FTP to update web pages?? If so, you can create a normal user account and change its home directory to "/var/www/html" in "/etc/passwd" or better yet, create a syslink folder in that proftpd user account to /var/www/html. For example, you have /var/www/html and your user account name is agar. Inside /home/agar, you want to create syslink "web" that when you browse it, it will go to /var/www/html. So you would do,
    ln -s /var/www/html
    When you log in via FTP, SSH or whatever, browse to ~/web folder and you will be there at /var/www/html in no time.

    HTH ....

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    Re: proftpd and apache

    Be sure to set the permissions properly so that whatever user you are using in ftp has access to /var/www/html

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    Re: proftpd and apache

    ah that works perfectly

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