Probably something stupid I've missed.

I've a small home network behind a DLink router:

- Windows 2000 x 2
- Linux FC 3 (console install only)

The Linux-box is pretty much newly installed.

The problem is this: from the Linux machine I can ping everything in my network and even the gateway (DLink), DNS works (via the /etc/resolv.conf file) to something like, but I cannot get out on the Internet. I've tried both assigning the box a static IP and, when this failed, using router-based DHCP. To no avail, each and every connection to the Internet times out. I can even ssh into the Linux box from work.

Both Windows boxes get out fine and both can see the Linux machine.

This problem is aggrevatingly manifested each time I need to perform an up2date/yum/apt-get on this box.

Thanks in advance for any advice/direction you may have to offer.