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Thread: ftp slowdown

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    ftp slowdown

    I am setting up an ftp using RH 7.2 and proftpd. I had everyhting up and working, but it has become very slow suddenly. It can take over 3 minutes to start a transfer. Logging in is not slow, browsing files isn't slow, just transfers take forever to begin. Samba and internet still work fine, no slowdowns, so I know my hardware is ok. Any ideas what may cause this?

    setup is like this:
    RH box is firewall/gateway/ftp server. connects to outside through eth0. Windows XP box connects to RH box on eth1 through crossover cable. It does ip masqeruading through pmfirewall. Proftpd is setup as standalone server running pretty basic configuration, user anonymous.

    thanx for any help =]

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    Re: ftp slowdown

    ok reinstalled proftp and everythings back to normal. Dunno what its problem was.

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