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Thread: ipx aware kernel

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    ipx aware kernel

    I'n running some pandora tool on rh7.2 and one of the requirements for pandora to run is to have an ipx-aware kernel.How can I check if my rh7.2 has ipx-aware kernel?

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    Re: ipx aware kernel

    modprobe ipx

    If you don't have it, then you need add it in the next time you recompile. It is the network protocol used for Novell (and a few other network types).

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    Re: ipx aware kernel

    would it be simply enough to add ipx support to the nic?

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    Re: ipx aware kernel

    In a word no.

    the nick get's ipx from the kernel.
    try the command listed above as root. if it says it can't find it you will have to recompile the kernel.

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