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    Web Applications

    What the heck is a web application? I hear about them all the time but yet to hear a straight definition of them! ???

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    Re: Web Applications

    A Web Application is a piece of software that runs on a web server and interfaces with clients through a web browser. You could consider the YaBB software that this board is running on a Web Application. Or if you go to let's say and serch for jobs, you're using a web application.

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    Re: Web Applications

    So it's just a fancy work for dynamic web content. Web Application sounds more complicated I guess .

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    Re: Web Applications

    Or any java type application that runs via a webbrowser.

    Exchange (puke) 2k has a web access function, that allows you to get your email and calander and whatnot over a webbased application.

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    Re: Web Applications

    also known as Weblications

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    Re: Web Applications

    Well we slaves here at Amerivoice use a java based web GUI to access some functions at SBC/Ameritech. Our trouble ticket app, ordering app, and pre-ordering app are all java applets running on an ssl pipe. The programs suck (Ameritech intentionally does it that way) but none the less work. Its proof that even a bunch of monkeys can program a functional speedy web app. Ameritech cant get anything right ever, no matter how easy and they figured this one okay enough.

    But simply its just a fancier java program that is a little more useful than playing mp3's or midi's.

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