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Thread: sound card on a compaq laptop

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    sound card on a compaq laptop

    Ok, im getting a bit brave, i have installed suse 7.1 onto my laptop now slowly converting all systems to linux:-)

    I have a problem with the sound card, it is an ess 1878 audiodrive and suse has the driver, however when i try to install i recieve an error telling me to install ASLA, i have check this and i do have it installed, to be on the safe side i uninstalled it and reinstalled it but i get the same error.

    Any idea's ?


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    Re:sound card on a compaq laptop

    Hopefully, you precise model, or something quite close, is listed at Most if the docs there usually at least have configs for sound and XFree. If not, check out the newsgroup comp.os.linux.portable. The folks there are usually first rate.

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