Ok, let me go over the situation. I am a little famailar with Samba (have my home LAN browsing and printing just fine), but am stuck at work. Right now I have a Win2k box at work until I can get this linux box up and working perfectly, then I get a Linux box at work!!!!

OK, so heres the setup: The linux box is on our local LAN (CNI.local) so the name is linuxbox.CNI.local. I installed Samba and xfsamba/Linneighborhood. From either one of those programs I can see all the computers on the LAN. But I cannot access them. What I need to do is access the shared printer on a box call CNIWRK08 (WIN2K) and print to it from the linuxbox. The printer is a Samsung ML-1210 laser (cheapo laser).

When I try to access the box, I need to scan as user (it asks for user/pass). Now I made a user on the linuxbox called samba and made one on the CNIWRK08 box samba. Same passwords. The thing is, the guy on the win2k box logs into the domain with his name/pass (jay-pass). I cant log in to the linuxbox with the same name/pass or use his name/pass to access the printer. I need to be able to log into my linux box with my name/pass (rick/pass) and print to his box. Simple enough?

What steps do I need to do to get this working. Im really stuck and I gotta get it working by Friday! ANy help would be great!