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Thread: routing question

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    routing question

    Ok, Here is where Im at. I just upgraded my gateway box to 7.3. I have monmothma's 2.3.0 firewall script running, and have changed the /etc/sysctl.conf file to enable ip forwarding as well as the /etc/sysconfig/network (I think thats the path) for masqing as well. I have to manually change the default gateway on the routing table to make ppp0 as a gateway, and it has eth0 listed as a gateway as well, even though it isnt. So, I try to browse from a masqed box, and nada. No modem traffic at all. Im thinking its trying to use the eth0 as the default gateway instead of ppp0. What do you guys think?

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    Re: routing question

    Well, I was right. It was good to diagnose the problem so quickly. Gives you that nice warm fuzzy feeling. :P But anywho, now I need to permanently change my routing table. I can probably do a shell script (I am by no means proficient at this) to do it, but I figure the experience of actually doing it manually would be better. Does anyone have any good links on this?

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    Re: routing question

    Well IIRC, you can update your routing table by bringing down the network node and starting it back up again. Then it looks for new gateways. You should be able to modify jsut about everything else just via a configuration file and have an immediate effect.

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