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Thread: SWAT in RH 7.3

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    SWAT in RH 7.3

    I read in another forum that I can see if SWAT is installed by running grep samba with some switches. *When I do this I get no indication that SWAT is installed. *Isn't SWAT part of SAMBA? *I'm running RH 7.3. *

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    xgtr, out.

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    Re: SWAT in RH 7.3

    i think you need to install samba-swat-2.2.3a-6.i386.rpm it is on disk 3 - you will also most likey need to start the SWAT service, i am not sure on that, i don't use SWAT

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    Re: SWAT in RH 7.3

    SWAT is not part of SAMBA but an add-on to SAMBA for ease of configuration by letting you use your web browser to configure your SAMBA server. You need to install it separately ( some distro does but most distros do not install it by default ).

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