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    We run mail relay sevrer (sendmail) on linux, and we're getting quite a lot of spam. I started investigating the issue of anti-spam protection and have found quite a lot of programs claiming to be able to reduce significantly the spam mails.
    The names include:
    milter, MIMEDefang, Spam Assassin...etc.

    I would like to have some feedback regarding the anti-spam software you use and I'm looking for some recommendations as to which solution to implement.

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    Re: anti-spam

    Welcome to the real world ...

    I personally didn't have to employ a lot of spam stuff since I'm very carful on what I do on the NET and do most of spam filtering on MUA ( Sylpheed and KMail filters are very good in fact ) rather than on MTA. But I've heard many raving on Spam Assassin. I don't hear much stuff for Milter but then again it's more geared towards corporate stuff than personal stuff ....

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    Re: anti-spam

    I have found the best succes by using procmail.

    I am personally using postfix, courier-imap, and sqwebmail for my email solution. When postfix gets an incoming message, it sends it to procmail to be distributed. Procmail allows filtering using regular expressions.

    What I do is take a look at the incoming header of a spam message, find the mail server that it came from and block it using procmail.

    I am using this for a few people, so blocking mail servers are really not an issue. I just hate spamming and go out of my way to avoid it.

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