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Thread: Question about I/O Errors

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    Question about I/O Errors

    Master Boot Record of HDD1 I/O Error

    Is this repairable? If so, how? and will I lose any data fixing it.
    This is what I done. I was dual booting 2000 Professional and RedHat. I deleted the Linux partitions, created a new fat32 drive from them and booted back to 2000. Could this be the cause? This is an old box so it was probably messed up beforehand, so maybe I can blame it on the previous owner. ;D

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    Re: Question about I/O Errors

    you could try to boot it from a floppy and do a fdisk /mbr to restore your boot sector .. or use lilo as a boot manager ..

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    Re: Question about I/O Errors

    I/O errors are usually devistating, but you can try a fdisk or similar.....

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    Re: Question about I/O Errors

    My recommendation is to do a low level format and when installing linux, make it scan for bad sectors. That way the FAT and MBR arent installed onto a bad sector.

    One other thing, the drive isnt making clicking or popping noises by any chance is it? That is called cancer of the hard drive and means goto CompUSA and pick up a new drive.

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