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Thread: USB Portable MP3 players

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    USB Portable MP3 players

    I have a USB Compaq IPAQ portable MP3 player anyone have any ideas on how to get this working on linux...I am currently doing some searches on google but not coming up with much....any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: USB Portable MP3 players

    i think these are seen as storage devices in linux. try the usb storage module.

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    Re: USB Portable MP3 players

    thanks pbharris but my Compaq PA-1 sucks ass. I have scoured the internet only to find that the Compaq PA-1 uses a proprietary filesystem and will only work with Rioport audio manager for Windows. I even brought a Sansdisk MMC card reader but that didn't work either. And to top it off I can't get RioPort Audio Manager working in wine >

    Maybe I will try VMware...

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    Re: USB Portable MP3 players

    Anyone try any of the portable cd players that can read MP3's off a burned cd-r or rw? Do you know if there is a filename limitation to them (all caps, no spaces, 8.3, etc.)?

    I'm thinkin of getting one of these as my only hope for tunes is to convert my 6v car to 12v, which would cost shitloads.

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