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Thread: old hard drives

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    old hard drives

    In a pentium 133 I put in a hard drive out of an ibm ps/1 that is 500 meg I believe. The jumper settings are on top and its set for master/slave now I put this hard drive on the first ide controller with a cable that only has the one connector on it. Now if this is the only hard drive and its on the only spot it can be why is it showing up as slave? I also have a 200 meg or so western digital cavier 2250. I don't know if the jumper settings are right on that hard drive but it also shows up as slave. Anyone know what the hell is happening I'm confused

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    Re: old hard drives

    hmm .. so you havent set the hd to master .. cause you say master/slave ..
    maybe thats the problem and the disk tries to set it automatically

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    Re: old hard drives

    no thats the only jumper setting.

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    Re: old hard drives

    strange .. then i dont know what could be wrong .. sorry :-/

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