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Thread: When fans go bad...

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    I take it this would be something I have to compile into my kernel?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    I think there are 2 ways .. either compile it into your kernel or make modules .. but for both ways you will have to patch your kernel..

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    PS: Schotty what do you use to grease the bearings on your fans? *Just plain oil? *WD40? *Special fan grease?
    Ill have to check and see for ya, but my dad has a can of some lubricant in his garage, so next time I stop by Ill take a look. It is actually a good lubricant. But like I said, my smoking habit and the dusty air is murder on my fans. If I dont keep up on them, they fail and die. My TNT fan went to fan heaven recently. I just need to find some cement to glue a 586 heatsink and fan onto it. This way I can more easily replace the fan.

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    I checked my fan speed in the BIOS...varies between 4500 and 4800 rpm (I believe it's rpm). *Now I don't know my ass from my elbow when it comes to fans. *Is this appropriate for an AMD 800 MHz processor? *Either way, something is going very very wrong. *I turned on my computer this morning (it's the only CD player I have right now), and within 10 minutes the smell of burning hardware filled my room. *I pressed reboot so I could see the temperature, and all that happened was a lot of beeping from the PC speaker, and then some strange noises I'd never heard before. *I turned it on an hour later, and it seemed to be running fine. *Generally it runs between 65 and 75 C, which it seems is alright. *It's just every now and then something goes wrong. *I'll try greasing the fan, and possibly replacing it. *I just downloaded lmsensors...hopefully my kernel patches fine and all will be well (my kernel is 2.4.7 and it's a patch for 2.4.5, but it should work considering how close it is). *Thanks.

    EDIT: Hey hey! Post number 800! Too bad I can't post as frequently as I did this summer when I had nothing to do. I'd for sure be a Grand Club Member!

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    i am guessing the fan is okay but soemting else is bad. 5000 RPM is pretty typical. how hot are the HDs?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    It doesn't say in the BIOS, and lmsensors won't seem to work for me. I'll try a different version when I get home tonight. Damn it's annoying not having internet access.
    When the thing overheats, there's a massive amount of heat radiating from the processor, so I have a feeling it's not the HDs (they're warm to the touch). Hrmmm...if my fan is alright, could it be a problem with my processor?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    Do you use any kind of thermal paste on your CPU ?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    Hrmmm...I don't really know what that is, so I'm gonna have to go with no. What does thermal paste do?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    makes a nice contact between the heat sink and the CPU. helps with heat transfer.

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    btw. has anyone here ever tried water cooling ? .
    I would like to know if there any disadvantages, and how high the danger of getting water onto the board is ..

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