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Thread: When fans go bad...

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    When fans go bad...

    I think, at least. What's the average lifespan for a CPU fan? Something tells me it's more than a year.
    Here's what happens: I'll be playing around in linux and everything will be working just fine and dandy. I'll have to reboot to windows to do something (yes, I COULD do it in linux, but I don't want to have to bother with small things upon return to school...little formatting errors with word docs, vim w/g++ vs MSVC++6, etc...). Upon getting into windows, the computer has a maximum of 5 minutes to live before it bluescreens, telling me that an error has occurred, and that my computer must be restarted. When I reboot, my BIOS stops me and says there's a hardware problem. I enter CMOS, check the hardware monitor. The CPU is running at 111 degrees, and upon looking at some other posts, that doesn't seem to be so high. However, the letters are red, and when I turn off CPU monitoring then it boots up just fine. The MB temperature is still a comfortable 30 degrees or so. I've had this computer for just over a year, and I've heard no strange noises from the fan whatsoever. Opening it up and looking at the fan, it IS spinning, although I have no idea at what speed.
    Any ideas on what could be causing this? Problem with the fan? Problem with the BIOS? Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to solve this? Keep in mind that at my new apartment I don't have access to the internet yet, so any programs will have to fit on a floppy.

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    if it is 111 C then that is way to hot. my runs at 51C which is hot. if it is at 111 F then that is 44 C - which is very nice for a CPU temp. i think the typical life for a CPU fan is 40,000 hours, - which is over 4 years... does the hardware moniter say what the fan speed is?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    111C is indeed way too hot, but if that is deg. F, it is ok.

    Assume that your fan is toast and you are overheating. Stop playing wiht your computer, and get down to your local radio hut, and get some kind of fan. Then Monday, get down to your local parts shop and get a real fan.

    Your fan life can be shortened if you have a long hair cat, dogs, etc. in the house where "stuff" can clog the fan. And you can monitor your temps and fan rpms and such via gkrellm.

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    That lif is usually dependent on conditions. My fans go out faster due to the dust and cigarrette smoke that is in the air. The bearings get ungreased and start grinding. I have to grease mine at least 4 times a year for them to last. I usually do it whenever I pop the hood and do any work. A good PM never hurts

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    Alright...I'll try a new fan. I have to find time to get to a parts store...not having a car is soooo inconvenient. Thanks for the info everyone.

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    PS: Schotty what do you use to grease the bearings on your fans? Just plain oil? WD40? Special fan grease?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    When I grease up my fans I use oil, I use something special but you could use massage oil (don't ask) or even food grade oils.

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    you could use massage oil (don't ask)
    Oh don't worry...I won't...

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    And you can monitor your temps and fan rpms and such via gkrellm.
    Might I ask how this is done? I took a look last night through the builtins, and I can't see it anywhere there. I looked for the plugin at just now, and there's nothing I can see offhand. Is there a special plugin for this?

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    Re: When fans go bad...

    you need lmsensors. i need to scale and ajust the output of my lmsensors with the reading from the BIOS.

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