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    pentium 100

    ok AST pentium 100. When I put in the hard drive (western digital 255 meg) it just sits there and doesn't boot. The hard drive shows up in the bios but it wont' boot to the floppy. I take the floppy out it boots up no problem. No idea why this is happening

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    Re: pentium 100

    Whats the boot sequence setup as?

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    Re: pentium 100

    bios has no place to set the boot sequence

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    Re: pentium 100

    are you sure that the floppy disk you are using is good? might be worth making a new one and trying that.

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    Re: pentium 100

    Bad Floppy ..

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    Re: pentium 100

    I probably didn't write what I was thinking. Floppy drive only plugged in with boot disk it boots. Hard drive in the hard drive detects but computer just sits there, not booting.

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