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Thread: New FD controler

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    New FD controler

    I have a couple of old mobos knocking about with b0rked floppy controlers. I was looking at the FD/IDE expansion cards you can get and wondered if I could use a floppy attached to one to boot. Basicaly I want to replace my router box with it, but I don't want a harddrive in it.

    Has anyone had experience with these cards?

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    Re: New FD controler

    years ago i did and it booted fine. *the card i had had its own BIOS which came up before the MB bios - at least to the end user.

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    Re: New FD controler

    Yeah, alot. they work well. I had to do work on some telemarketing pc's a while back and they didnt use anything other than 386's with 2MB ram or less and a floppy. The floppy booted to the DOS proggie that ran the serial port for grabbing data from the server (numbers that anwered). Anyway, before I start babbling again, they ran well off the card. In fact I have never had any issues with the addin cards ever.

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    Re: New FD controler

    Cool, thanks guys. The router is in my front room and the hard disk is quite niosy. And the bonus securtiy of a write protected disk is good.

    /me makes mental note to go to Maplin tomorrow


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