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Thread: keyboard problem

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    keyboard problem

    Every once and awhile my keyboard just dies for instance 10 minutes ago it died. I had to turn the computer off and on again to make it work. When it was dead I moved the mouse and the keyboard leds went crazy then when I stopped moving the mouse the lights stopped. This has happened before. Anyone know what could be happening?

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    Re: keyboard problem

    PS2 keyboard/mouse?

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    Re: keyboard problem

    ya ps2 keyboard and mouse. Well microsoft intellimouse optical usb into the ps2 adapter

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    Re: keyboard problem

    You could possibly have a grounding issue with the motherboard.

    I've seen plenty where the solder points on the ps/2 ports wind up touching the metal motherboard mounting plate, causing the ports to short out.

    I would examine the motherboard for long solder leftovers, and trim them down if they can/do touch the metal plate.

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    Re: keyboard problem

    I get seem to get this problem when loading the program Paint. It's happened about once or twice but I dont think its a grounding issue.

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