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Thread: ssh port number

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    ssh port number

    Hey, I cant remember. Whats the connection port for ssh? Its like 554 or something isnt it? ???

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    Re: ssh port number

    22, unless it is specified with the '-p' flag..

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    Re: ssh port number

    ssh is 22. You might be thinking of ssl which is 443

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    Re: ssh port number

    thats weird, at my school we run ssh on port 554 which is some mp3 streaming thing or something, because the webserver only gets ports 80 554 and 5190 (aol port oddly). we use 80 for web, 5190 to ssh to the web server and 554 to ssh to the toy server

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    Re: ssh port number

    its done for security reasons. If I am gonna hack a box, I am gonna expect that X port is used for the assoicated daemon. I dont run any service/daemon on the normal port. Especialls ssh and sftp. Those are to be secure, and dammit I am gonna do everything in my power to make sure of that!!

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