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Thread: Pentium 166 Questions

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    Pentium 166 Questions

    Hey all
    I scrounged a Dell Pentium 166 out of my moms closet and I plan on putting Slack on it to play with. I have a question about the RAM though. I want to add more, like maybe 128 or 256mb. It came with 32 and says its upgradeable to 64mb max. Is there no way I can add more than 32 more? any one have any experience with an older box like this. The mobo is an Intel 82430 VX PCI system chipset. I found the receipt with it as well, $3100 for this super machine in december of 1996.

    thanks for the help

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    Re: Pentium 166 Questions

    256 megs of Ram on a P166? Hish! Why not just stick with what it has?

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    Re: Pentium 166 Questions

    My Pentium 90 has 128 mb ram... all I use it for my ogg player project
    Try upgrading the bios, something there are workarounds in the upgrades to allow for more ram, better cpu. etc.

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    Re: Pentium 166 Questions

    Where can you even find RAM for a beast like that?

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    Re: Pentium 166 Questions

    What I do is to buy up old PCs from companies - mostly the one my father is working for.

    I've gotten a bunch of nice parts that way... Including a lot of old edo-ram.

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