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Thread: Buying a mouse

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    Buying a mouse

    Hey all, my mouse has finally driven me nuts, so I'm buying a new one. I was just wondering what you guys liked? I was kind of hoping for one like this:

    - definitely optical. I'll never clean another mouse ball again

    - Should be compatible with IMPS/2, just so I can drop it in and not have to reconfigure X or anything (this is not a requirement, just a suggestion).

    - Must have at least 3 buttons and one wheel. More is nice, but only if they work under linux.

    - should be high quality (my current mouse is crap, the buttons don't click), but preferrably NOT a MS product...

    - should be cheap, too, but I'm willing to plop down a bit of money if I have to

    Anybody know anything good?

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    Maybe you should look at a Logitech mouse? I've seen a few optical ones around AFAI can remember.

    j00 w4n1 70 b3 4 1337 cl1ck3r? (1'm n3w 70 h4x0r 5p34k 50 1 h0p3 1'm g3771ng 50m3 0f 7h15 r1gh7 :P)

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    i love logitech. here are some user reviews

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    Sweet, I might pick one up tomorrow.

    I've always been reluctant about Logitech mice, the boxes for them seem to advertise obscure features that look like they'd never work under linux.

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    The programs they give out that provide the features won't be available, but the buttons will still work. I use a Logitech optical MouseMan or whatever the hell it's called (the big blue ergonomic one that lookes like an MS Intellimouse), and it works like a dream.

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    I have the exact one pictured in the link pbharris posted, just bought it today.

    It's awesome! I love it sooooo much!! I can actually click now!! ;D

    For the record, my old mouse had terrible buttons. if I clicked them, sometimes it would register as a click, sometimes it would register as a double click, and sometimes it wouldn't register at all. As you can imagine, clicking & dragging was pretty much a complete nightmare.

    You really don't appreciate being able to click and drag your mouse until you lose that ability for a prolonged period

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    I just bought the red colored one last night. The things kick some serious ass man! I have a different logitech optical, the one with the thumb button too for my main box. This new one is for my second box (or third, but the other one is technically a server, not a workstation)

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    Re: Buying a mouse

    I just replaced mine with a Logitech trackman marble *It looks like a big RAT* but it only has 2 buttons and the optiball is mounted right in the middle. It took a few minutes to figure out and adjust my mind to but it worked right out of the box.

    Good news is it is a usb but comes with a usb - ps2 adapter.

    Only 30 bucks US.


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