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Thread: Voodoo died.

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    Voodoo died.

    I'm asking this for a friend. He was using his computer, it is a PIII 733 and he has a voodoo graphics card in it. He is not a linux user so forgive him please. Anyway he was writing away in word when his computer hung on him. Nothing too unusual so far. So he rebooted, ctrl-alt-del did nothing had to hit the reset button. Anyway when it started up the screen had the box saying check signal. This caused him a little worry so he checked the cable which is fine. Now we have removed the video card and attempted to boot up. It is exactly the same as when we tried to boot up with the video card in place. The computer makes no obnoxious noises. It powers up and we can hear some normal noises but no hard drives or anything. Is it likely, even only slightly likely that the video card has died, or could there be a more likely explanation. As you can probably understand he is a little pissed off as the card is only 18 months old, but out of warranty.

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    Re: Voodoo died.

    Try this:
    mv /your/video/card > /his/computer

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    Re: Voodoo died.

    Yup that would be an idear, most comps wont even try and start if the vid card is missing.. If it's a borked vid card thats in the machine, most of the time you would be lucky to get a few beeps out of it. But with a card that has proven to work on another comp, it should either boot, or show you what else was borked.. If it's the RAM thats borked, then three fairly high beeps while booting is the usual..

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    Re: Voodoo died.

    It *could* be the video, or it could be other things.

    Personally, when I get a no poseter like that, I strip it down to the barest minimums. CPU, ram, memory and power. THEN start swaping those out until the damn thing functions. The video not coming on doesn't necessarily mean that it's the video thats the problem. Hell, I knew one MLB that wouldn't display video, or beep, unless there was a keyboard plugged into it...

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    Re: Voodoo died.

    I ripped everything out of it, and then booted it up. It booted just the same as if it had the video card in it. No beeps, just nothing. I am going to put my video card in it, it is just a matter of time, considering we live in different cities and are both working full time. I just wanted to find out if it could be anything else before it came to that.
    Thanks for the help

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