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Thread: Scanner recommendations

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    Scanner recommendations

    I need a new flatbed scanner. It can be either SCSI or USB. Must be compatible with sane. Just a very basic model, nothing fancy <$150. What model would you recommend?

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    Re: Scanner recommendations

    anythng by epson should work.
    i have a umax astra 1220U which is now officailly support by sane (1.07) (good thing, i was getting sik of patching...). it works great!

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    Re: Scanner recommendations

    You guys know anything about Canon comaptibility? I have a CanoScan FB320P... I've never tried to get it to work, but it'd be neat if I could get it working.

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    Re: Scanner recommendations

    try a HP scanjet 4470c, i think i was looking to buy that one around christmas time. It has USB and i believe it woks under Linux.

    It's only $149

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